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Online Therapy for Emotional Health

Highly effective, life changing & personalized care. 

Well-being for the Whole Body

Let your inner wisdom lead the way.

Learn embodiment practices as a way to stay grounded and present.


Penny Hyndman

Penny's deep intention is to facilitate your body's inner wisdom for self-healing and recovery. She recognizes the holistic and complex nature of healing and is able to gently hold a grounded steady therapeutic presence for you both in person and at a distance.

For over 20 years Penny has had a family centered practice in the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia, using Neurofeedback, Craniosacral Therapy, and Neurological and Somatic therapies, to support her clients in restoring their well-being and accessing their body's own innate inner potential.

As a nurse Penny has worked with children, teens, adult and seniors in a variety of therapeutic settings which has enabled her to create a private practice integrating eastern and western perspectives.