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Your 10-Day Brain Detox

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Our Brain, Mind & Body Reset is a beginner's detox designed for those ready to make a change toward a healthier & happier lifestyle. If you want to kick sugar to the curb... this 10-Day Detox Program is for you. This dietician approved detox has been carefully designed to help you rid your body of built up toxins, and wastes, balance your hormones, boost your energy levels, and feed & fuel your body so you feel ridiculously amazing. Included in your 10 Day Total Detox is: 👉 Success Guide 👉 Detox Recipe Manual Using Whole Foods 👉 Dietician-Approved Meal Guides 👉 Detox Supplement Guide 👉 Daily Motivational Messages 👉 Ultimate Detox Checklist 👉 Group Accountability via Brain Balancing Community Group 👉 Access to Our App with all your program materials 👉 Guided Meditations to help you get out of overwhelm and into clarity Here are just a few topics you will be learning about throughout the 10 Days 🌞 Getting Started 🌞 Detoxing Through Food 🌞 Body & Skin Detoxification 🌞 Mind & Spirit Cleanse 🌞 Smoothies & Juicing 🌞 Supplementation Guide 🌞 What You Will Need 🌞 Maintenance After Your Detox 🌞 And SO MUCH MORE... Join the 10 Day Total Brain, Mind & Detox Challenge now!

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