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Becoming You: The 4 Month Total Reboot

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Create an Authentic Life while improving your sleep, regulating your emotions and balancing your brain.! This is our Signature Brain Training Program to Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom and balance your mind & body! During the 4 months you will complete 20+ Neurofeedback Brain Training Session while shifting your mindset and creating daily habits that will connect you with the inner wisdom of your body. Month 1: Reboot Your Mind & Get Yourself into a Routine of Self-Care. The focus is on clean eating and daily mindfulness practices, to reduce your stress & maximize your sleep. Month 2: Reboot What You Eat & Drink with Mindful Eating. The focus in on mindful eating. You will learn to examine labels before you buy, what foods boost your energy and how to make this a lifestyle change. Month 3: Reboot Your Body by Enhancing Your Gut-Brain Connection. The focus in on enhancing the gut-brain connection and regulating your hormones & emotions. Month 4: Reboot Your Life by Solidifying the Skills You Have Learned. Your focus is on combining your new skills for continued success into the future to be more present, healthier and connect with your body at a soul level making heart centered, embodied decisions with your integrated brain.

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